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TDL News 8/28/22

Upcoming Event: Chelsea’s LIVE One Hour Challenge

Chelsea’s next Live One Hour Challenge will be Wednesday August 31st at 1pm EST  This one is going to be FUN and maybe a little messy, for supplies you need acrylic paint, paper, (preferably thicker stock like watercolor paper) paintbrushes, water, rubbing alcohol, and something flat to drag paint around like a small piece of cardboard or plastic, string, and a paperclip! If you want to watch her previous challenge from July you can participate with this link. You will need a drawing medium of your choice and your phone to take photos of your artwork. Here is the link to the previous Live One Hour Challenge from June. You will need to bring paper and your favorite drawing tools in at least five different colors.

Upcoming Event: Ultimate Guide to Repeats Group-Study

Looking for a more creative way to learn repeats? This is the course for you. After understanding why repeats are so crucial to our industry in Lessons One, Two, and Three, you will begin to explore various repeat techniques through Lessons Four through Eight.

Starting in Lesson Four, you’ll receive a trend-driven design brief focused on a particular pattern style. You are then encouraged to create a pattern concept and put it into repeat using the technique covered in that week’s lesson. This course structure will provide real-world experience, using different repeat techniques while creating new artwork for your professional portfolio.

This group-study includes access to WGSN for the first 290 participants. Register here.

Upcoming Event: Guest Expert Paula Pappenheim 

Wednesday September 13th at 11am EST Spanish artist Paula Pappenheim of Pappenpop will be our Guest Expert on freelance designing and business development. Paula runs her own design studio without any assistants or agents out of Madrid, Spain. She creates art for fashion, rugs, wallpaper, installations, home goods, packaging, and even a Harley Davidson motorcycle! Paula also works with many mediums, like paint, digital, and collage.  Be sure to join us to hear about how she manages all this on her own. Here is her website. 

Recording Posted: Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle

August 23rd Laura showed us how to properly insert documents from Illustrator to Photoshop and she went over a quick demo on preventing file and setting loss when Illustrator crashes. You can watch the demo here and download her PDF for Illustrator file recovery here.  July 26th Laura gave us a tutorial on using Adobe Spark, This application is included with an Adobe CC subscription, it will help you create marketing campaigns, auto post to social media, and you can use to it layout artwork for collections, as well as watermark  your photos.  So many uses! Here is where to find the presentation.

If you have suggestions/questions for future sessions, please add them to this thread.  You can ask her questions by tagging @laurac


Recording Posted: Exploring Photoshop with Sherry London 

Sherry’s August topic was “From scanned image to Pattern Motifs”—How to prep non-destructively so you can repurpose motifs easily.  This tutorial is a great refresher for using layer masks and smart objects on artwork you are editing. Find the recording with this link.  If you have questions you can ask them in the tech talk forum and tag @prancingpixel

Have a topic that you would like discussed in an upcoming presentation? Please tag @prancingpixel on the Tech Talk forum to let her know.

Check it Out: Summer Of Creativity

We just completed our 6 week Summer of Creativity course. If you didn’t have time to participate live, you can join in the fun anytime with this link.  For this year’s Summer of Creativity, we headed “back to school” and explored a new topic each week that related surface pattern design to a different school subject like math, history, science, etc. And we did so together, as a group-study, through a dedicated forum and live events. You can participate any time you wish through our archived content. Be sure to check out our two Guest Expert presentations relating surface design to math and science, find the information and links below.

Recording Posted: Guest Expert Kathryn Sanders of Western Sensibility 

For week 4 of the Summer of Creativity and the theme of Science, we welcomed Kathryn Sanders who owns Western Sensibility.  Kathryn is a third-generation textile printer who has extensive experience in the textile industry and recently started her own textile printing company! She is passionate about sustainability and knowledgable about textile production and does all this in Missoula, Montana where community manager Chelsea Von Hasseln lives! Chelsea gave us a live tour of Western Sensibility as well as an interview. You can watch the event here.

Recording Posted: Guest Expert Presentation 

On Wednesday July 20th Tracy Schifeling presented on how math influences pattern design, specifically the 17 sets of “wallpaper groups” the geometry and math behind how a repeating pattern works! Watch the recording here.  This presentation tied in with our second week of the Summer of Creativity’s theme of mathematics. Tracy is a data scientist who also designs patterns for textiles and stationary. You can find a recent feature interview with Tracy right here from Pattern Observer. Tracy has lots of tutorials about how mathematics create repeating patterns on her blog, check it out.

Chelsea’s Challenge: Denim

For our latest Chelsea’s Challenge we are doing something we’ve never done before and focusing on designing for denim! There are a ton of print trends happening in the world of denim right now, and some interesting technological developments that are helping to push the denim industry in a more Earth-friendly direction.

Check out the full post here which includes three inspiring trend boards and links to TDL tutorials that will help get the creative juices flowing.

Here are some of the events happening this month. All times are Eastern and all live events will be recorded.

8/28/22- NEW Chelsea’s Challenge Released

8/31/22- Chelsea’s LIVE One Hour Challenge at 1pm EST

9/1/22- Weekly Art Critique with Lise Gulassa 1pm EST

9/2/22- Coloring Hour at 1 pm EST

9/12/22 – Ultimate Guide to Repeats Group-Study (Register here)

9/13/22- Guest Expert Paula Pappenheim 11am EST

Weekly Art Critiques. Please join the TDL community on THURSDAY at 1 PM Eastern for a live art critique. Our art critiques are fun events where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing, and sales. A registration link will be emailed the morning of the critique and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.

August 28, 2022

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