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TDL News 8-22-21

Upcoming Workshop: 2021 Goals Reset

A lot can happen in eight months. Goals shift and priorities change. This week is a time for us to come together as a community and look forward to the rest of 2021. Despite the unexpected changes that life presents, what can we do to move our business or creative practice forward? This course will set you up for success for the remainder of 2021.

Please join us for this one-week workshop which runs from August 30th-September 3rd and is free for all members. We’ll check in with our progress this year and choose a focus for the remainder of 2021.

Grab your spot here.



Upcoming Event: Growing your Business with Laura Olivia

Laura Olivia went from being a freelance textile designer to running her own print studio. In this presentation, Laura will share techniques for how you can grow your business and tips that she learned over the years.

Laura’s presentation is on Monday, July 30th at 10 am Eastern.






Upcoming Event: Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle

In Laura’s upcoming training she’ll be discussing “Fresco to Capture Patterns, and what you can do with these in Illustrator too.

There is a new freeform grid option in the Fresco to Capture pattern maker that makes the pattern feature a lot more useful. Let me know if you have been using it and finding it helpful. We talked about symbols recently, and these patterns now automatically generate symbols when you import them into Illustrator on the desktop – I find that really interesting for all the options it opens up in Illustrator.”

If you have questions for this session, please add them to this thread.

Laura’s next session is on Tuesday, August 31st at 11am Eastern.



Recording Posted: New Selection Methods with Sherry London

In Sherry London’s last presentation she shared new selection method options that we can use in Photoshop. It was such an informative presentation!

Have a topic that you would like discussed in an upcoming presentation? Please tag @prancingpixel on the Tech Talk forum to let her know.



Recording Posted: LIVE One Hour Challenge

In this inspiring Live One Hour Challenge, Chelsea shared a fabulous watercolor exercise.

You can watch a recording here.


Textile Prints with Fizah Malik: Spaced Florals

We are thrilled to announce a new tutorial in the Lab by the fabulous Fizah Malik!

This is the fifth in a series of tutorials that she has created for the Lab that has been released over the next few months. In this tutorial Fizah shares her technique for creating spaced florals.

Watch the tutorial here.

Upcoming Events

Here are some of the live events happening this month. All times are Eastern and all events will be recorded.

8/25/21 1pm – Summer of Creativity reflection chat

8/30/21 11am – Growing your Business with Laura Olivia

8/30/21 – Goals Reset Workshop

8/31/21 11am – Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle



Weekly Art Critiques. Please join the TDL community on THURSDAY at 1 PM Eastern for a live art critique. Our art critiques are fun events where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing and sales. A registration link will be emailed the morning of the critique and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.

August 21, 2021

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