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TDL News 7-1-19

Upcoming Group-Study: Ultimate Guide to Repeats

With more and more agents and studios requiring repeats, it’s become increasingly important to learn how to create higher quality repeats in less time.

In the Ultimate Guide To Repeats Group Study you’ll have access to a toolbox of techniques that you can use to create more interesting, professional repeats that agents, studios and clients are looking for in today’s market.

Emails are sent every Monday and Thursday, giving you three days to watch the video and complete the exercises. This group-study is designed to keep you motivated and feeling supported as you master repeats!

This event is FREE for all Textile Design Lab members and the first lesson will be released on Monday, July 15th. Members can register here.


Summer of Creativity

This summer we’re slowing things down. We’re carving out time to explore, reflect, create, and observe. We’re leaning on a community who is with us, helping us along the way.

Please join us for the Summer of Creativity, which is being hosted this June 17th-August 12th inside the Textile Design Lab. We are excited to have you!

During this time, our online community is devoting eight weeks to exploring their brand identity and creating pattern collections that tell their unique stories. This is done through a thoughtful, pro-growth itinerary and series of high-value tutorials.

All of the lessons will be posted on the course page, and are released every Monday and Wednesday.


Upcoming TDL Events

Mark your calendars for these upcoming TDL events:

* July 8th: New Chelsea’s Challenge Released

* July 15th: Ultimate Guide to Repeats Group-Study

* July 16th 12PM Eastern: Live presentation with Laura Coyle

* July 22nd 3PM Eastern: Live presentation with Stephanie Ryan





Weekly Art Critiques. There will not be a weekly Art Critique in observance of the 4th of July holiday. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.

July 1, 2019

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