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TDL News 6/19/22

Upcoming Event: Exploring Photoshop with Sherry London 

Sherry’s next Photoshop class will be Monday June 20th at 11am EST she will show us how to create wavy patterns using Photoshop. In last month’s Exploring Photoshop, Sherry showed us how to create images for the soft focus floral trend happening right now.  You can watch the recording here.  If you have questions you can ask them in the tech talk forum and tag @prancingpixel

Have a topic that you would like discussed in an upcoming presentation? Please tag @prancingpixel on the Tech Talk forum to let her know.

 Upcoming Event: Guest Expert Presentation with Pattern Curator 

On Friday June 24th at 1pm Guest Expert Kristine Go of Pattern Curator will present on how she creates her amazing trend boards and will discuss her experiences curating art at a contemporary gallery and running her trend forecasting company. This June, for Trend Month, we are focusing on how to successfully research trends, create mood boards for clients, and share ways to incorporate trends in to your portfolio to sell more art. When a client asks for a trend board at your next design opportunity, you will confidently and quickly be able to give them the vision they desire.

Recording Posted: Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle

This month Laura will present on creating trend boards using Illustrator Tuesday June 28th at 11am.  In May Laura showed us the ins and outs of Adobe Capture Patterns and how to edit them in Illustrator. This tutorial is incredible, be sure to watch so you can use the tool successfully, there are tons of tips you need to know.

If you have suggestions/questions for future sessions, please add them to this thread.  You can ask her questions by tagging @laurac


Recording Posted: Chelsea’s LIVE One Hour Challenge

Chelsea’s next Live One Hour challenge will be June 29th at 1pm EST.  Here is the link to the previous Live One Hour Challenge. You will need to bring paper and your favorite drawing tools in at least five different colors.




Chelsea’s Challenge: Denim

For our latest Chelsea’s Challenge we are doing something we’ve never done before and focusing on designing for denim! There are a ton of print trends happening in the world of denim right now, and some interesting technological developments that are helping to push the denim industry in a more Earth-friendly direction.

Check out the full post here which includes three inspiring trend boards and links to TDL tutorials that will help get the creative juices flowing.

New Repeat Feat Released

Every month a Lab member’s pattern will be chosen to demonstrate different repeat techniques. Our May Repeat Feat features artwork by Milo Tsukroff Check out the video here!

You can find previous Repeat Feats under “All Tutorials” in the Learning Center tab of the TDL.

Click here to submit for July’s Repeat Feat. Please use this form as well when you upload your artwork so we have extra information about your file.



 Changes to the Friday Coloring Hour 

We are shaking up the weekly coloring hour!! Starting this Friday we will add a little more structure to the hour with a weekly theme. Some weeks the theme will be based on WGSN trends, other weeks will be about materials and tools, and some weeks we are hoping to have a member driven “one hour challenge” where a TDL member guides us through a creative exercise.  We hope you will join us for some sketching and sharing and of course you are still welcome to work on a pressing project of your own =) If you want to host a one hour challenge you can tell us about it using this form. We are looking forward to all the fun we will have together!

Recording Posted: Selling Products On Your Website with Vicki Wallis

Vicki Wallis presented on the important details of running a website shop. She discussed the pros and cons of print on demand products, the importance of having a niche market, some fabulous tips for successful marketing, and why she loves to use Shopify. Here is the recording of this event. Vicki is a freelancing and sustainability expert and works in women’s fashion design.  Vicki has a course that will help you set up a website shop in two weeks! And she is offering TDL members a huge discount through June, you can sign up here. 

Here are some of the events happening this month. All times are Eastern and all live events will be recorded.

6/20/22- Exploring Photoshop with Sherry London at 11am EST

6/23/22- Weekly Art Critique with Melissa Schulz l at 1pm EST

6/24/22- Guest Expert Presentation with Pattern Curator at 1pm EST ** No coloring hour this week**

6/28/22- Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle at 11am EST

6/29/22- Live One Hour Challenge with Chelsea at 1pm EST

Weekly Art Critiques. Please join the TDL community on THURSDAY at 1 PM Eastern for a live art critique. Our art critiques are fun events where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing, and sales. A registration link will be emailed the morning of the critique and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.

June 19, 2022

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