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TDL News 11-6-18

It’s that time of year where we are beginning to prepare for upcoming trade shows…exciting!!

To kick off this busy season of marketing the Pattern Observer Studio collection, we are releasing two sets of briefs that are open to all TDL members.

Premiere Vision briefs

We are currently accepting submissions for the first round of briefs, which you can find here. Designers have until midnight on November 11th to submit patterns for this first brief.

SURTEX briefs

We just published our second round of briefs, which you can find here.December 3-9th is the submission period for these briefs. We will only be accepting submissions for these briefs during this week, not before or after.

Please post any questions to the studio forum, here.


November Design Challenge: Micro Ditsy

For our November challenge we will be switching gears to experiment with super small-scale dots and florals. Very small scale patterns are called “ditsies.” Ditsy patterns usually consist of motifs that are about half an inch in diameter or smaller, so I recommend leaning to the smaller side for this “micro” trend. It can take a lot of time to fill a canvas with teeny-tiny motifs, so you may need to develop a repeat in order to fill the canvas, but be careful that the repeat is not too obvious–it can be tricky to disguise with a ditsy pattern! Half-drops are a great option to play with.

For the Micro Ditsy trend you can go with: Micro Florals, Micro Dots or surprise us with another interesting motif! Motifs can also be arranged through layout or color to form larger motifs or areas of color, almost like a patchwork. Typical ditsy layouts are often tossed or all-over but feel free to play with another layout style such as a border or a freeflowing pattern for a unique spin on this pattern style. Learn more here.



Growing a Product-Based Business with Yetunde Rodriguez

Are you interested in launching a product based business? Please take a moment to watch this recent guest expert presentation with Yetunde Rodriguez. Yetunde launched her Etsy shop in 2007 and continues to grow her business, both online and through local craft fairs. It was highly inspirational and very informative!Members can watch the recording here.







Weekly Art Critique. Please join Michelle for this week’s live art critique held THURSDAY at 1 PM EDT. This is a fun event where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing and sales. A registration link will be emailed out early on Thursday morning and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.
November 6, 2018

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