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TDL News 10-19-20

Starting Today: Photoshop for Designers I & II

Mark your calendars! Photoshop for Designers 1 & 2 Group-Studies start TODAY, October 19, 2020.

This will be the last time we will be running Photoshop for Designers I & II before they are removed from the Lab. We are thrilled to announce that Sherry will begin hosting monthly Photoshop tutorials so that we can better adapt to the constantly changing software.

In these 6-week courses you’ll discover the most efficient and effective use of Adobe Photoshop while creating the artwork that you love to design.

Members can register here.



New Chelsea’s Challenge: Stripes & Circles

For this month’s challenge we are going to focus on two iconic geometric patterns – stripes and circles. How you choose to utilize these two elements up to you–you might make a collection that is only composed of circles, one that is solely focused on stripes, or combine the two within a collection or within the individual patterns you create. You could go very crisp and graphic by creating your patterns in Illustrator, or more organic by hand-drawing your motifs or playing with Photoshop brushes.

We’ve provided two color palette options, from WGSN’s “Euphoric” and “Connected” palettes for S/S 22. But as always with Chelsea’s Challenge, these are offered simply as a jumping-off point and you can feel free to explore color as you wish.

Get started here.


October Illustrator Live with Laura Coyle

From Laura, “Hi everybody!

October’s session is about ILLUSTRATOR on the iPAD!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited? This is a game-changer for Adobe Illustrator.

I’ve been using the beta version for the past few weeks and it works really well. I want to give you an overview of everything so you are ready to start working in it the minute it drops on October 21st. You can pre-order in the App Store right now.

The date for our session is Tuesday, 10/20/20 at 11 am EDT

We will be done by noon and then if you are attending, you’ll be ready to jump over to the Adobe MAX Opening Keynote that starts at 12:00 noon EDT, so you won’t miss a minute of the free online Adobe MAX 2020. register here: https://max.adobe.com

Looking forward to it!”

Questions for Laura? Ask her here.

Watch the recording of September’s Illustrator Live here.



Live Event: Goals Check-in

On Wednesday, Oct 21st at 1pm Eastern we will have our goals check-in for the month of October and you are invited!. There will not be a presentation during this time. Instead it is an opportunity to come together and see how everyone is doing with their one big goal for the year.

If you need help getting started with goal setting please check out this workshop that we held in August.






Textile Prints with Fizah Malik: Paisleys

We are so excited to announce that we just released a new tutorial in the Lab by the fabulous Fizah Malik!

This is the second in a series of tutorials that she has created for the Lab that will be released over the next few months. In this tutorial Fizah shares her technique for creating intricate paisley patterns.

Watch the tutorial here.


Upcoming Event: TDL Coloring Hour

Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for our TDL Coloring Hour. It was a wonderful chance to come together and chat about life and art! Please join us this Friday, October 23th at 1pm Eastern for another coloring event.

Remember, you are welcome to work on your own art project during this time or you can use the downloadable coloring sheet that will be sent out on Friday morning.




New: TDL Community Connect

Our TDL Video Chat room will now be open all day, everyday. Feel free to stop by while you are working on a project or to simply chat with your fellow members!

In the future we might need to have specific meeting times, but I wanted to open this opportunity up to people across various time zones and with different schedules.

Members can grab the link here.




Weekly Art Critiques. Please join the TDL community on THURSDAY at 1 PM Eastern for a live art critique. Our art critiques are fun events where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing and sales. A registration link will be emailed the morning of the critique and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum. Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.

October 18, 2020

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  1. I have tried to subscribe to the photoshop group study several times. It is only showing an active wear group study.
    Is there another way to get added to the photoshop group study. Thanks!

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