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TDL News 1-1-18

New Ways to Stay Connected

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I am so excited to kick off 2018 in the Textile Design Lab. Throughout the month of January we will be releasing small updates and improvements to the Lab. This week I am excited to tell you about three new ways to network and communicate with your fellow TDL members and our team.

New TDL Linkedin Group. One of our members requested a way to connect with fellow TDL members outside of the Lab so we created a brand new Linkedin group. Please feel free to invite other Lab members, share interesting resources or job postings, etc. Join us here: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12085879

New TDL Facebook Messenger Notifications. Want to receive a quick message whenever there is a TDL event, new design challenge or training? Just click on this link and you’ll begin receiving notifications whenever there is something happening in the Lab. I promise not to send too many messages and fill up your messenger. This is simply another way that we can stay connected and make sure you know what is happening in the community. After clicking on this link, please make sure to press GET STARTED at the bottom of your screen. You’ll then receive a confirmation message that you are subscribed. https://www.messenger.com/t/PatternObserver

Grab your TDL badge! Want to show the world that you are a TDL member? Download the new TDL badge and post it to your website, blog, Linkedin profile and social media platforms. Grab your badge here.


Wishing you the best in 2018,

Michelle and the TDL team


Telling-Your-Story-SquareNew Design Challenge: Storytelling

The Storytelling challenge was inspired by one of our wonderful guest experts in the Lab, Maria Ogedengbe, and the idea of telling our family story, or the story of our community through motifs and patterns. This is a different route than our usual trend-driven challenges but I think it will be a nice fit for the month of December which tends to be a busy one with the holidays and travel (we are allotting five weeks for this challenge rather than the usual four.)

This concept of storytelling can be applied to any artistic style, layout style or trend that you wish, but we have included three inspiration ideas and color palettes in the full post.

Members can get involved here.



Sellable-Sketch-Textile-Design-LabGrab Your Spot: The Sellable Sketch Group-Study

Mark your calendars! Our popular Sellable Sketch Group-Study starts on January 8, 2018.

In this course you’ll bring clarity and focus to your collection development process and take the guesswork out of what to design each season by picking appropriate trends for your target market while staying true to your own artistic style.

You’ll also have free access to WGSN, the industry’s leading resource for trends and design direction.

Members can register here.




Weekly Art Critique

Please join Michelle for our live art critique held THURSDAY at 1 PM Eastern. This is a fun event where Lab members come together to review artwork and ask questions about pattern design, marketing and sales. A registration link will be emailed out early on Thursday morning and will also be posted in our Weekly Art Critique forum.

Textile Design Lab members can watch past critiques here.


January 1, 2018

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