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Speedy Design Challenge: Autumn Foliage

I am proud to present our next Speedy Design Challenge! Just to clarify, this challenge is not for a real client. It was created to give you experience in working with a client or studio who needs a design turned around quickly.


Imagine that you are an in-house textile designer working remotely from home. You open your inbox, and find an urgent request for a new concept! You have until the end of the day to design a completed pattern based upon the brief provided.

The client has requested:

  • That you post your completed pattern to the Speedy Design Challenge forum by the end of the day for feedback.
  • Please put your pattern into a rough repeat mockup. They would like to be able to visualize how the pattern might repeat, but it doesn’t have to fit within a specific repeat size.
  • Please take the brief and interpret it into your own style. The client would like to see your interpretation of the trend. No knockoffs, please.
  • The client would like you to use the provided color palette, but feel free to add or adjust the colors as needed. You do not need to use every color in the palette.
  • The client is looking for patterns for A/W 23/24 intimates and swimwear
  • The goal of this design challenge is to train yourself to design in a more efficient manner, much like you might experience if you worked as an in-house designer. It’s also an opportunity to focus on completing a pattern within a certain time frame, allowing you to let go of the pattern being perfect and spending days moving pixels around and around. Just get it done! LOL!

If today doesn’t work for your schedule feel free to apply this challenge to another day. It will remain posted and we look forward to seeing your work on the forum.

The Brief:

“The client” is looking for repeating patterns for their womenswear brand, particularly in the realm of intimates and swimwear. This description from WGSN provided inspiration for their trend direction for the A/W 23/24 season:

“Tapping into our Back to Earth forecast direction, the beauty of imperfect nature is celebrated, in line with the philosophy of wabi-sabi. Take this as the key update for botanical florals with commercial appeal.

#FloralImpressions, decomposing botanicals and fallen leaves and are key references here.

Warm autumnal hues create a nature-inspired and serene look, ideal for #PyjamaDressing.

Regenerative printing techniques such as botanical prints and organic dyes speak to eco-conscious consumers.

Intimates relevant for: lingerie, loungewear, sleepwear, bed-to-beach items
Swimwear relevant for: swimsuits, bikinis, beachwear, resortwear, cover-ups”
November 15, 2022

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