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Graphic Styles in Illustrator with Laura Coyle

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March 23, 2021

2 Responses on Graphic Styles in Illustrator with Laura Coyle"

  1. lisacarmen says:

    Love this tutorial, learned so much! Was only able to join the live presentation for a few minutes and after reviewing the recording have a couple of questions that I hope can possibly be addressed in comments or in a future live tut.

    You have shown us that when you use the new repeat feature or the astute plugins to for a pattern that you would still have to go into AI pattern tool to refine and complete your pattern for a repeat.

    I was not aware that you should expand (especially after using transparency modes). What are the next steps for finalizing the repeat after using graphic styles (or transparency modes/filters etc) outside of gathering colors per the tutorial? Can you send the repeat AI file as is or would you still need to create a pattern swatch? Are there times you may need to transition to photoshop if the pattern became too complex for AI after using filters/graphic styles etc?

    Thanks for this.

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