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Wellness Workshop

In this workshop we’ll take a deep dive into the wellness industry and explore what it means to your business …


In this workshop we’ll take a deep dive into the wellness industry and explore what it means to your business and creative process. You’ll identify ways to address this societal shift in the products and patterns you create. You’ll also be able to explore wellness practices that can be incorporated in your life; to strengthen your creative practice.

Our schedule looks like this:

Week One

Lesson One (Monday): “What is wellness? How does wellness differ among various customers?” These are the questions we’ll explore through a video tutorial released on Day One.

Lesson Two (Wednesday): What does wellness mean to me and my business? How can I incorporate wellness in the patterns and products I create?” You’ll begin to identify ways you can address wellness in your business, and speak to your customer tribe through a live presentation with Rita Patel, a talented artist, designer and creative ally who also happens to be an international speaker, coach and generative consultant on wellness.

Thursday and Friday: You’ll continue your individual research using the WGSN tribe reports, and Rita’s presentation, to spark new ideas on how to create patterns and products that encourage a sense of wellness.


Week Two

Monday: It’s time to put that research to use! In this second week of the workshop you’ll create a pattern tailor-made for the wellness industry. A series of design briefs and color palettes will be provided.

Tuesday-Thursday: While you are busy creating, we’ll be sending you helpful tools for including wellness in your creative process. Playlists, exercises, and other inspiring ideas will be explored to strengthen your creative practice.

Friday: It’s time to share your work! Share your pattern on Instagram with #patternobserverwellness. We’ll be looking for work to share on our page and it’s a great way to improve the wellbeing of yourself and connect with the community.

Course Reviews

  1. Wellness Workshop
    Very thought provoking course. And timely too!

  2. Wellness Workshop
    I loved everything about this course. Thank you!

  3. Nathalie N says:

    Wellness workshop 1
    Thank you, it is interesting to see the different tribes 🙂

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