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Two Weeks to a No-Fail Seamless Toss Repeat

In this course you’ll learn Sherry London’s No-Fail method to develop a seamless repeat pattern and prepare it for printing at Spoonflower.


I am so excited to welcome you to this class, and I want to thank you for letting me share my pattern discovery and my love of Photoshop with you! I also wanted to give you the lay of the land first, and let you know a bit more about your journey that’s coming up in the next 2 weeks.


Course Outline

Module 0: What to Expect

Lesson 0-1: What to Expect

Lesson 0-2: Setting up Prefs

Lesson 0-3: Arranging Your Workspace

Module 1: Choosing Colors

Lesson 1: Swatches and Presets

Lesson 2: Adobe Color App

Lesson 3: Spoonflower Presets and Color

Module 2: Designing the Motifs

Lesson 4: Motif 1

Lesson 5: Motif 2

Lesson 6: Motif 3

Lesson 7: Motif 4

Lesson 8: Motif 5

Module 3: Developing the Pattern

Lesson 9: Arranging the Motifs

Lesson 10: Creating Pattern Layers

Module 4: Perfecting the Pattern

Lesson 11: Testing the Repeat

Lesson 12: Pattern Aesthetics

Lesson 13: Refining the Repeat

Module 5: Preparing for Printing

Lesson 14: Image Resolution

Lesson 15: Color on Fabirc

Lesson 16: Soft Proofing

Lesson 17: Ready to Print


And the End Product?

At the end of the course you will have developed some pattern swatches which you can send to Spoonflower to have fabric, wrapping paper and even wallpaper made. We’ll start by developing a simple pattern, which we’ll then refine for a more polished end product.


Activities Along the Way

Your final pattern will consist of five motifs which you’ll create from scratch during Module 2. They will be very simple motifs to learn the basic functions of Photoshop. Building your motifs in this way will give you a solid base of Photoshop knowledge to understand the more complex methods later on.

During Modules 3 and 4 we’ll learn how to arrange these motifs into a perfect seamless pattern, starting with just the five motifs. We’ll then build up to more complex patterns using Blend Modes and layering the pattern. We’ll go in-depth about what makes a successful pattern and use these tips and tricks to go back and revise the pattern. We will use the same motifs but mix things up by using different combinations and playing with color, scale and rotating the motifs.


What You’ll Get From This Course

  • Improved Photoshop skills
  • A great new repeat technique
  • Fabric of your very own design


This will be a very full and worthwhile two weeks, and I cannot wait to start this journey with you all and see your pattern creations!


Course Reviews

  1. Good Class
    This class was a great review for me.
    Thank you

  2. Brigitte says:

    Loved this course! Thank you Sherry

  3. andgold2 says:

    Adds a new dimension to designing patterns
    This class allows you to modify and layer patterns in Photoshop to create subtle, layered effects (fairly) quickly and easily. It can take your designs to new levels.
    Thank you Sherry!

  4. Claudia N says:

    Great course!
    Strongly recommend to anyone starting to work with Photoshop. Clear and easy to follow, step by step demonstration on how to create seamless patterns in Photoshop. Cannot wait to practice more. Thank you Sherry!

  5. Helps demystify the nuances of spoonflower
    This was great for us illustrator gurus needing some refresh with PS. Also made the Spoon flower nuances crystal clear. Highly recommend.

  6. AndreaL says:

    Very Clever Technique
    This is an excellent big course showing brilliantly clever repeats. Sherry also demonstrates making changes, colour and preparing for Spoonflower printing (wish they were in the UK).
    Essential skills for the designers arsenal.

  7. Elena Roz says:

    I learned so much!
    Excellent! I learned so much in such short period of time. So much great information and so easy to understand everything
    Thank you so much! Sherry 🙂

  8. Thank you Sherry! Hands down, one of the best classes I’ve taken.

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