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The Ultimate Guide to Repeats

In the Ultimate Guide to Repeats, you’ll have access to a toolbox of techniques and guidelines to follow for creating professional repeats that agents, studios, and clients are looking for in today’s market.


If you roll your eyes when you think of creating repeats, you’re not alone! There is nothing worse than staring at the result of your repeat project and still thinking that it is not as good as it could be. And more often than not, working on repeats takes more time than we logically thought it should.

We do have to understand repeats, though, because more agents and studios are requiring seamless repeats. If you want their business, you need to be fearless in finding ways to make high-quality repeats in less time and with more confidence.











Course Reviews

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Clear and precise!
    This course gives so many insights and different ways to make pixel perfect repeats of patterns. It doesn’t matter how you started the design, this class gives you all the tools to create beautiful prints!

  2. Nancy Cole says:

    This was the most thorough and insightful course I have seen in pattern development. I was so happy to see the tiny details that are so important. First time these have been explained so well.

  3. Great course!
    Glad to take this course! and look forward to apply all these info and materials on my work! thanks for sharing!

  4. Great Course
    Very comprehensive on all aspects of pattern repeats, right down to labelling the files. I learned so much and am excited to try all the different techniques offered. As always these courses are packed with great information and wisdom

  5. adriprints says:

    Includes so many helpful methods!
    Definitely the most comprehensive review of making repeats. Love the organizational tip at the end on labeling files for factory use. Excellent reference!

  6. jere says:

    Very Comprehensive
    I’m sure I’ll come back to these lessons again and again as I practice all of the techniques shown and integrate them into my design process. Lots of information in well organized lessons that flow together well. Great support and practice materials. I feel so much better prepared. Thank you!

  7. Veronica says:

    Brilliant course
    This course is simply amazing. Very comprehensive and detailed.
    Recommended for who wants to know more about the pattern repeats using different techniques.

  8. Tessa says:

    Very informative. This course is truly like precious gems to me!

  9. Crissie says:

    Another Amazing and Comprehensive Course
    A huge thanks to Michelle and her team for putting together another comprehensive and easy to follow course. I have a far greater understanding of repeat patterns and the repeat creation process now and feel confident in taking the next step in my design career.

  10. UGTR Exceeded My Expectations!
    UGTR is a comprehensive course on repeats presented clearly in wonderful tutorials. I’m grateful for the generous sharing of information and the custom support/feedback from the teaching team. I also learned a lot from other members of the forum — it’s a a great community. I feel much more confident about moving forward now that I have a solid foundation. Thank you!!

  11. amazing!! I learned a better way to do the patterns! thanks!

  12. Thank you!
    Excellent! Thank you for the detailed instruction. I feel very empowered by the information!

  13. LesleyYoung says:

    Ultimate Guide to Repeats
    Brilliant brilliant brilliant!
    The course went through a process of repeats that I am unfamiliar with as I do mine differently than the course shows. This was great and shows how to do things on a more professional level and I will be referring back to this course many times in the near future I should imagine.

  14. Vickie says:

    Great course, loaded with lots of information!

  15. Violakarule says:

    new things
    I have been working in illustrator for long time, but those lessons gave me so much new useful tips.

  16. Neelam says:

    Awesome Course!!
    Awesome course curriculum. I absolutely loved the lessons and the forum and team Pattern Observer for providing the support online. As I am a self learner and learnt pattern design online watching video tutorials, however the method to create a perfect Repeat pattern is UGTR…You learn not just creating repeat patterns, you learn to present your files professionally. I was hesitant prior to my enrollment in TDL, however it seems a wonderful start, a beginning to my new career under the umbrella of Textile Design Lab. Thank you so much…Michelle and Team… Regards, Neelam

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