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The Moneymaker BootCamp

Have you ever wondered why some prints have that professional look and feel and why others do not? In this three part course I share how to improve your existing prints using the seven elements of design.


In this boot camp we focus on why certain prints work, why others do not and how you can implement design elements to make each print, specifically your moneymaker print, a slam dunk.

What is a moneymaker print you ask? A moneymaker print is that main print in your collection that draws customers and buyers into your booth, website or portfolio. Since this is the main print in your collection, it is imperative that it has that wow factor that buyers will find irresistible.

These lessons, tools, tips and tricks are going to give your prints that wow factor that will change the way you think about designing prints in patterns.

Course Reviews

  1. Jo Ann Woods says:

    Good Foundation
    As a beginner in Textile Design, these courses were a good start for me. Michelle discussed the foundations of design with great examples. Definitely worth revisiting!

  2. MarissaHuber says:

    Excellent information to Consider!
    This was a great course showing the design elements and things to think about starting out or honing your skills. I appreciated the visuals for the comments on visual balance – things I’ve understood but had not seen exemplified that way – thought it was great. Definitely worth taking – thank you!

  3. Excellent Course!
    Thank you for adding visual examples on how patterns should flow! What makes things appeal more to the eyes!

  4. Fantastic!
    Really enjoyed this, so useful, I have a few prints that seem not quite right, am going to go back to them and use the rules! Many Thanks

  5. Claudia N says:

    Great to revisit while working on new patterns!
    Thank you Michelle.

  6. Tina says:

    This is a great foundation to building beautiful high-quality prints. Excellent information that is going to help me so much. Thank you.

  7. Dora Cuenca says:

    Great foundation!
    its really changing the way I develop my prints and I love going through the checklists. It sets a nice framework!

  8. Adriana says:

    Good foundations to never forget and make a distinctive & professional work.

  9. Great review
    Nice summary of the design process and how it translates to surface design.

  10. Terrance says:

    Excellent review of the fundamentals of composition as applied to print.

  11. Perfect intro for Graphic Designer making the leap
    I feel much more confident in dipping my toe into my first ever textile design having watched this course. I’ll be looking at color, shape, texture, size and direction in a whole new way! And the rule of 3 is a wonderful trip as well as introducing flow. Thank you Michelle!

  12. Great Refresher and Tips for Application!
    I was familiar with the basic elements of design, but I love how this course focused on how specifically to apply them to textile design! Also, the course is a great refresher and step by step checklist on really pinning down why a design may be working or not working.

    This was an excellent source of information and well worth reviewing over and again. The transcripts really help me whereas before I struggled so very much for so long not being able to hear the audio. This is such an assent that really speeds my processing the information. Thank you very much.

  14. Corrie says:

    Good foundational course
    I really enjoyed this course it gave an overview of basic concepts while also touching on new design tips. I definitely would recommend this course it’s a great place to start.

  15. cpurcell says:

    Good course/information!
    Great refresher on the elements of design and how they apply to textile/surface design.

  16. Good Course
    All the basics of good design are included in this course. Great reminders to think through the basic elements, sometimes when your design just isn’t quite right it is because you have forgotten one of these basic design concepts. Great information

  17. Great Course for maintaining basic design skills
    Michelle brings you a refresher of everything a textile designer needs to remember while working on new repeats.

  18. Crissie says:

    Fabulous Refresher
    This was a great refresher course for me to take, especially after finishing the Sellable Sketch and Ultimate Guide To Repeats courses a wee while ago. The additional course notes Michelle provides are going to make great go to resources when designing patterns in the future. A comprehensive, informative and easy to follow course as always. Thanks Michelle 😀

  19. jere says:

    Valuable info and check lists
    This course put names and processes to all of the instinctive things I question when I design but that I couldn’t articulate. Great support documents. Thanks!

  20. Tessa says:

    Foundation is important in everything, and for surface pattern design, this boot camp is that! It was simple and straight-to-the-point of what I needed to know. I truly needed this. Thank you Michelle! You are a God send 🙂

  21. A great refresher
    I found this course to be a great refresher on the very simple elements that make up a beautiful design. The included worksheets are a great tool to help you get unstuck when things aren’t flowing as nicely in your print as you’d like. Thanks, Michelle!

  22. Informative & Fabulous!
    Thank you, Pattern Observer! This course offers fantastic tips that I can begin to apply in my next design collection. I appreciate the specific information & the direct style of teaching. Thank you for breaking down such big design concepts into manageable bite-sized chunks!

  23. LesleyYoung says:

    Moneymaker Bootcamp
    Great tips for design layout!

  24. Giselle says:

    Great tips to remind!
    Whether or not you are designer, you’ll find this tips very useful!
    I recommend this course to freshen up your mind. 🙂

  25. great building blocks
    Seems like there is a real formula for successful pattern designs. Its so important to know this when starting out!

  26. pomalarson says:

    Elements of Design
    A wonderful class, especially if you don’t have a background in art. These are the building blocks of design in any industry. Good jerb Pattern Observer! Keep em coming!

  27. anna garriga says:

    Great info!
    I have enjoyed very much the three parts of the course, this information has lot of value to me. It’ll help me in my future designs for sure!Thanks

  28. Neelam says:

    Awesome Material to Develop Perfect Prints!!
    The course helped understand the basics when designing. Colors, textures, shapes and all can make so much difference. I have already started implementing the basics on my very first collection that I am working upon for the Sellable Sketch E-course. I think the lab is well organized for a person like me who needs guidance as I design.
    Awesome Course…

  29. Tracy Miller says:

    Valuable Outline of Essential Fundamentals
    Although I’ve spent years creating a wide variety of repeating patterns in every genre imaginable, this course was not only a great refresher, it outlined some fundamentals that I may not have considered. I’ll definitely use what I’ve learned here in my future artwork!

  30. Thank you!
    A terrific course, I will definitely review this course again.

  31. Violakarule says:

    Basics that should know EVERY TEXTILE designer!
    After this course I realized how my prints are artistic and a bit chaotic. With this information now I can decide to change my prints on not, and what kind of results it will give.
    Thank you, Michelle!

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