Textile Design Lab

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Summer of Creativity!
Week 1 Design Brief: Cape Cod
Tutorial #1: Watercolor Techniques with Lital Gold
One Hour Challenge #1: Motif Marathon
Week 2 Design Brief: Japan
Tutorial #2: Shibori Techniques with Eva Carlavilla
Bonus Tutorial: Using Adobe Capture to Create Bold, Two-Color Patterns
One Hour Challenge #2: Working with Bleach
Week 3 Design Brief: Malaysia and Singapore
Tutorial #3: Using the Procreate App for iPad with Gridtiya Chotiwan
Bonus Tutorial: 10 Tips for Designing Prints for Swimwear
One Hour Challenge #3: Finding “Printspiration”
Week 4 Design Brief: Scotland
Tutorial #4: Putting a Hand Painted Plaid into Repeat
One Hour Challenge #4: Developing Color Palettes
Week 5 Design Brief: Scandinavia
Tutorial #5: Handmade Stamps
Bonus Tutorial: Photoshop Textures
One Hour Challenge #5: Stamped Motifs or a Stamped Pattern Layout
Week 6 Design Brief: West Africa
Week 6 Creative Exercise: The Pattern Making Game
One Hour Challenge #6: Where Do You See Stripes?
Week 7 Design Brief: British Columbia
Tutorial #7: Designing Nursery and Children’s Textile Collections for the Quilting Industry
One Hour Challenge #7: Motifs Created With Nature
Week 8 Design Brief: Australia
Tutorial #8: Creating a Collage Style Camouflage in Photoshop
Bonus Tutorial: Abstract Repeats in Illustrator
One Hour Challenge #8: Alternative Sketching Styles
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