Textile Design Lab

Summer of Creativity

In our Summer of Creativity course we share the exercises and techniques we use to bring our vision to life and create the patterns we see in our mind’s eye.


Do your patterns always seem to fall short of your vision? Before long you start doubting your work, trying too hard to make something happen, and eventually you end up losing interest in the entire project.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In our Summer of Creativity course we’re sharing the exercises and techniques we use to bring our vision to life and create the patterns we see in our mind’s eye. This 7-week course originally ran in July of 2016, and has been updated for 2017. Highlights of this course include:

  • our annual Collaboration for Designers group study: In this ten day course you will learn the importance of working alongside other designers whether they be peers or clients, how to handle conflicts when they arise and how collaboration will enrich your design process. You will identify your strengths and what challenges you when working with others, and practice your new-found skills giving you the confidence to put them into action. July 31-August 11.
  • our ten day Repeat Challenge: Want to add repeats to your list of services in your design business? Over the course of two weeks you will practice your repeat skills and get feedback on our private forum. Learn to spot a poor repeat and how to improve it, what you need to ask before starting a repeat for a client, and more. August 21-September 1.
  • weekly design tutorials: pulled from our popular Mastering Your Market Workshop (no longer offered), these tutorials cover techniques from developing photorealistic patterns in Photoshop, to using found objects in nature to create unique patterns, to using filters to create layers and add dimension to your work.
  • weekly One Hour Challenges: fun, bite-sized tasks that can be completed in just one hour. If you find yourself in a design rut these challenges will offer quick ways to pull yourself out and can be used time and time again. Put these tasks into regular practice and you will develop habits that will make you a more efficient and creative designer!
  • Textile Design Lab member tutorials: we are thrilled to be able to share new voices and perspectives in three new member-created tutorials that will be released throughout the Summer of Creativity. We will also be revisiting member-created tutorials from last year’s run of the course. From “A Slow Approach to Textile Design” to “Creating Textures Using Lace” to working with casein, watercolor and other techniques, these written and video tutorials will cover a variety of topics to broaden your perspective of the many ways to approach textile design.
  • 7 weeks access to WGSN Fashion or Lifestyle & Interiors for the first 290 registrants (NOW CLOSED)


To participate in the Summer of Creativity starting July 17th, 2017, please be sure to sign up for the course emails HERE.

Course Reviews

  1. Sandra says:

    Summer of Creativity
    Summer of Creativity is a treasure trove of techniques to take your designs to the next level. A valuable investment for your portfolio. From each interview, tutorial, and challenge I have added something new to my library of pattern making resources. Presented in easy to follow steps this is a course you really don’t want to miss out on!

  2. Best Course
    Thank you so much for an amazing Summer course. I can not say enough about what I’ve learned. I’ve been with TDL for a couple years and this was the perfect time for me to really sink my creative teeth into taking my designs to another level. Also after a decade of not doing fine art, this course really catapulted me back into pulling out my paint brushes, pastels, and paints. The textures courses were life changing and truely resonated with my personality and style. I look forward to more courses like this and I am so grateful to everyone at TDL for mentoring me and pushing me to new heights.

  3. Arwen says:

    Inspiring and helped get my creative kickstarted!
    I loved the variety we had during this course. I learned a lot from the tutorials and really enjoyed all the 1 hour challenges. Great!

  4. Natalie says:

    I love playing with textures. I mostly use Illustrator but this is great information to use in Photoshop to really enhance textured patterns. Thanks Chelsea!

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