Textile Design Lab

Summer of Creativity

In our Summer of Creativity course we share the exercises and techniques we use to bring our vision to life and create the patterns we see in our mind’s eye.


In each week of this eight week journey we’ll explore a different pattern style from around the world. You’ll uncover the history of the style, it’s relevance in today’s marketplace and explore techniques and tutorials to help you on your journey.

On this journey you’ll discover….

  • Fresh ideas that will keep you feeling inspired, productive and engaged in your creative process.
  • A series of tutorials that will introduce you to new ways of creating dynamic patterns, while feeding your creative spirit.
  • A supportive community of designers with whom you can share experiences, ideas and techniques.

The Summer of Creativity includes:

  • 8 design tutorials that will introduce you to new ways of creating dynamic patterns
  • 8 market relevant design briefs that will keep you feeling productive and engaged in your creative process.
  • 8 one-hour design challenges that will feed your creative spirit
  • A new weekly event we’re calling “Share & Tell”. Each week we’ll come together as a community to share what we created based upon the previous brief and what processes and techniques were used
  • Free access to WGSN throughout the duration of the eight-week course (spots are limited to the first 290 registrants)


***If you are looking for the 2016 or 2017 Summer of Creativity content it can be found on the All Tutorials page.***


Course Reviews

  1. Sandra says:

    Summer of Creativity
    Summer of Creativity is a treasure trove of techniques to take your designs to the next level. A valuable investment for your portfolio. From each interview, tutorial, and challenge I have added something new to my library of pattern making resources. Presented in easy to follow steps this is a course you really don’t want to miss out on!

  2. Best Course
    Thank you so much for an amazing Summer course. I can not say enough about what I’ve learned. I’ve been with TDL for a couple years and this was the perfect time for me to really sink my creative teeth into taking my designs to another level. Also after a decade of not doing fine art, this course really catapulted me back into pulling out my paint brushes, pastels, and paints. The textures courses were life changing and truely resonated with my personality and style. I look forward to more courses like this and I am so grateful to everyone at TDL for mentoring me and pushing me to new heights.

  3. Arwen says:

    Inspiring and helped get my creative kickstarted!
    I loved the variety we had during this course. I learned a lot from the tutorials and really enjoyed all the 1 hour challenges. Great!

  4. Natalie says:

    I love playing with textures. I mostly use Illustrator but this is great information to use in Photoshop to really enhance textured patterns. Thanks Chelsea!

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