Textile Design Lab

Course Curriculum

PFD2: Welcome!
PFD2 Week One, Day One: Customizing brushes
PFD2 Week One, Day Two: Creating custom brushes from sketches
PFD2 Week One, Day Three: Creating brushes from photos
PFD2 Week One, Day Four: Working with the Pattern Stamp tool
PFD2 Week One, Day Five: All about the Mixer Brush
PFD2 Week Two, Day One: Intro to the Gradient Tool
PFD2 Week Two, Day Two: Getting Creative with the Gradient Tool
PFD2 Week Two, Day Three: Creating Patterns with the Gradient Tool
PFD2 Week Two, Day Four: Exploring the Gradient Map Tool
PFD2 Week Two, Day Five: The Liquify Filter, Fractals and More!
PFD2 Week Four, Day One: Intro to Photoshop Vectors
PFD2 Week Four, Day Two: Exploring the Shape Tool
PFD2 Week Four, Day Three: All About the Pen Tool
PFD2 Week Four, Day Four: Methods to Create a Marbling Effect
PFD2 Week Four, Day Five: Working with Layer Styles
PFD2 Week Five, Day One: All About Texture
PFD2 Week Five, Day Two: Exploring Type and the Text Tool
PFD2 Week Five, Day Three: Running Photoshop More Efficiently
PFD2 Week Five, Day Four: Using Photoshop and Illustrator Together
PFD2 Week Five, Day Five: All About the Pattern Fill Layer
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