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Photoshop for Designers 2

Take your mastery of Photoshop to a new level! Join Sherry London and discover advanced Photoshop techniques for increasing the efficiency of your design work.


In Photoshop for Designers, you were introduced to the power and versatility of Adobe Photoshop. Guest instructor Sherry London shared options, tools, and settings that opened up a world of opportunities for your design work. She helped you become familiar with all that Photoshop has to offer, and helped you begin to unlock the potential of this powerful program for your business.

Now Sherry is back and she’d like to help you build on your current knowledge of Photoshop by sharing advanced techniques to help you really revolutionize your work and become incredibly efficient as a designer.


During this six week course you will:

* Learn new ways to create complex patterns, from gradients to textures to layer styles.

* Recreate hand-done techniques using digital tools like the Mixer Brush.

* Learn to use Photoshop in less traditional ways (such as creating vectors) to increase design versatility.

* Discover how to use Photoshop to smoothly and efficiently store files and share them with your clients

* Learn tons of additional ways to be creative with this powerful program and add complexity to your patterns.


Course Schedule

The Photoshop for Designers 2 course is six weeks long and includes daily practice exercises with personalized feedback via our Tech Talk forum.


The topics for the six weeks are:

Week One

  • Day One: Customizing brushes (5 videos)
  • Day Two: Creating custom brushes from sketches (2 videos)
  • Day Three: Creating brushes from photos (1 video)
  • Day Four: Working with the Pattern Stamp tool (2 videos)
  • Day Five: All about the Mixer Brush (2 videos)

Week Two

  • Day One: Intro to the gradient tool (3 videos)
  • Day Two: Getting creative with the gradient tool (2 videos)
  • Day Three: Creating patterns with the gradient tool (3 videos)
  • Day Four: Exploring the Gradient Map tool (4 videos)
  • Day Five: The Liquify filter, fractals and more! (4 videos)

Week Three (Work Week #1)

  • No new lessons. Use this week to catch up on any work from the past two weeks.

Week Four

  • Day One: Intro to Photoshop vectors (2 videos)
  • Day Two: Exploring the Shape Tool (2 videos)
  • Day Three: All about the Pen Tool (4 videos)
  • Day Four: Methods to create a marbling effect (4 videos)
  • Day Five: Working with Layer Styles (4 videos)

Week Five

  • Day One: All about texture (5 videos)
  • Day Two: Exploring type and the Text Tool (4 videos)
  • Day Three: Running Photoshop more efficiently (2 videos)
  • Day Four: Using Photoshop & Illustrator together (4 videos)
  • Day Five: All about the Pattern Fill Layer (2 videos)

Week Six (Work Week #2)

  • No new lessons. Use this time to catch up on any work from the past five weeks.


Course Reviews

  1. Thank you Sherry, yes my mind is exploding with ideas!!!

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