Textile Design Lab

Course Curriculum

PFD1: Welcome!
PFD1 Week One, Day One: Brush tools and color
PFD1 Week One, Day Two: Blend modes and history
PFD1 Week One, Day Three: Basic selections and fills
PFD1 Week One, Day Four: More selections and fills
PFD1 Week One, Day Five: Basic brush creation
PFD1 Week Two, Day One: Basics of non-destructive editing
PFD1 Week Two, Day Two: More about layers
PFD1 Week Two, Day Three: Working precisely and creating set repeats
PFD1 Week Two, Day Four: Moving and arranging
PFD1 Week Two, Day Five: Creating tossed and four-way repeats
PFD1 Week Three, Day One
PFD1 Week Three, Day Two
PFD1 Week Three, Day Three
PFD1 Week Three, Day Four
PFD1 Week Three, Day Five
PFD1 Week Four, Day One: Scanning in Black and White
PFD1 Week Four, Day Two: Fixing a Scan
PFD1 Week Four, Day Three: Color Processing
PFD1 Week Four, Day Four: Replacing Colors Part 1
PFD1 Week Four, Day Five: Replacing Colors Part 2
PFD1 Week Five, Day One: Healing Images
PFD1 Week Five, Day Two: More Healing Tools
PFD1 Week Five, Day Three: Removing Image Backgrounds
PFD1 Week Five, Day Four: Image Extraction Part 2
PFD1 Week Five, Day Five: Image Extraction Part 3
PFD1 Week Six, Day One
PFD1 Week Six, Day Two
PFD1 Week Six, Day Three
PFD1 Week Six, Day Four
PFD1 Week Six, Day Five
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