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Photoshop for Designers 1

Your creative spirit does not have to be inhibited by software or the digital art world. The two can come together in an amazing collaborative effort. In this 6-week course you’ll discover the most efficient and effective use of Adobe Photoshop while creating the artwork that you love to design.


Most designers have a basic idea of what Photoshop is. If nothing else, you have probably opened it, browsed around, gotten discouraged, and closed it again—saying that you’d master it later when you had the time. There is also a chance that you are the person who had been using Photoshop for many years but recognize that you are only skimming the surface when it comes to unlocking Photoshop’s potential for your business.

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful program with countless options, tools, and settings that can open up a world of opportunity for designers. Photoshop enables designers to create artwork that is more authentic and representative of their true artistic style, and with the proper training and guidance it will probably become your “go-to” tool for digital artwork development!

Your artistic style and creative spirit does not have to be inhibited by software or the digital art world. The two can come together in an amazing collaborative effort. With this workshop, our goal is to help you discover the most efficient and effective use of the program while creating the artwork that you love to design.

This six week course will enable you to:

  • Choose which Photoshop tools to use to do the best job of bringing your ideas to life.
  • Digitally paint in Photoshop using the various brushes and settings available.
  • Create digital artwork based off your paintings and drawings.
  • Confidently market your Photoshop skills and services to clients and hiring managers.
  • Create images that remain easy to change at any point without losing work; it’s the ultimate “Undo” command!

Course Schedule

The Photoshop for Designers course is six weeks long and includes weekly assignments with personalized feedback via our Tech Talk forum.


Week One: Brushes

Day One: Brush tools and color (5 videos)
Day Two: Blend modes and history (3 videos)
Day Three: Basic selections and fills (2 videos)
Day Four: More selections and fills (1 video)
Day Five: Basic brush creation (2 videos)

Week Two: Editing

Day One: Basics of non-destructive editing (3 videos)
Day Two: More about layers (5 videos)
Day Three: Working precisely and creating set repeats (4 videos)
Day Four: Moving and arranging (3 videos)
Day Five: Creating tossed and four-way repeats (3 videos)

Week Three: Break week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work

Week Four: Working with scans

Day One: Scanning in black and white (4 videos)
Day Two: Fixing a scan (5 videos)
Day Three: Color processing (4 videos)
Day Four: Replacing colors, part 1 (3 videos)
Day Five: Replacing colors, part 2 (2 videos)

Week Five: Working with images

Day One: Healing images (4 videos)
Day Two: More healing tools (3 videos)
Day Three: Removing image backgrounds (2 videos)
Day Four: Image extraction part 2 (1 video)
Day Five: Image extraction part 3 (2 videos)

Week Six: Break week to catch up on lessons, complete assignments and get feedback on your work

Course Reviews

  1. I've grown wings - to start flying in Photoshop
    It took a little longer than the 6 weeks to complete – partly because of Christmas break – and partly because I would pause and test out what I was learning. I found this an extremely valuable course. I started my design journey in Adobe Illustrator, and am pretty skilled up comfortable with that compared to PS. Although I’ve used Photoshop a bit, Sherry’s clear and well-paced instructions helped me gain much more confidence – AND excitement about the possibilities for my Surface Pattern Design.
    A few bits were tricky as new versions of PS have come out with slightly different places or methods, but the information was still sound. I also had great support through the forum when I had questions from the course.
    I definitely plan to do Photoshop for Designers 2 – once I have consolidated this learning.
    Sandi – SMaxFab

  2. Nancy Carr says:

    A great resource!!
    Sherry’s course is so informative! I barely knew anything about Photoshop before and have come away with a good understanding of some of it’s main features for designers. I’m actually excited about starting to make patterns in Photoshop! Sherry is passionate about what she teaches and she really took the time to help me individually when I got stuck. Thank you again, Sherry!

  3. Maria Sauze says:

    Photoshop for Designers 1
    Great course, love Sherry the way she explains complicated things in a simple way.
    Thank you Sherry!

  4. Best ever Course to Learn Photoshop
    I highly recommend taking this course, I just loved the way information was delivered and Sherry’s teaching style. I knew nothing when I started and now use photoshop every day . Thank You Sherry!

  5. Sara Rain says:

    Fantastic Course!
    Sherry is a wealth of knowledge and so generous with her information. She was quick to answer any questions I had and give feedback on my work. I really learned a lot from this course and feel well equipped to begin my Photoshop pattern design journey.

  6. DillyDesigns says:

    Photoshop for designers
    A fantastic course, essential for all TDL members! Easy to follow with entertaining comments from Sherry. Her manner and method of teaching is so natural I felt like I was sitting next to her. Looking forward to Part 2…but not sure I can wait until November though!

  7. catmurphy says:

    Photoshop For Designers 1
    Absolutely fantastic, I was an a complete beginner when starting the course and now I feel confident working in photo.shop.
    Thank you so much for the course.

  8. Vicky says:

    Love this course
    Sherry is so good at explaining each step and I honestly felt much more in control of using Photoshop after taking this course. Even though I had been using it for sometime before, most of it remained a complete mystery. I am looking forward to doing the next course!

  9. Edyta says:

    Great course !!! Great Tutor !!!
    What can I say more , everything is included in title of that review . Sherry shows many tricks , which make work with Photoshop easier and open imagination for new projects.

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