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Pattern Planning and Goal Setting

In this course we’ll be clarifying what you hope to achieve in the next year and create an action plan that is broken down into quarterly tasks to get you there. At the end of this course, you will feel focused and in control—ready for this upcoming year! You’ll know exactly what steps to take and how you can use The Textile Design Lab to achieve the goals you’ve laid out before you.


Welcome to Pattern Planning and Goal Setting!

We’ll be using the “Goals and Business Planning” forum for this course. This is where you should post any questions, share your goals, and find support and guidance throughout the year. We love helping designers develop a plan to achieve their goals. So please…reach out to us if you know what you want to achieve, but need a little help figuring out how to get there. We are here for you!

Here’s our group-study course schedule:

WEEK ONE: This week’s focus is on Goal Setting

Monday: Welcome and reflection on the year
Tuesday: Identifying a long-term vision
Wednesday: What do you hope to achieve within the next year?
Thursday: What needs to happen to achieve your goals?
Friday: Create your quarterly goals

WEEK TWO: This week’s focus is on Pattern Planning using WGSN Fashion or Home

Monday: Quick Start Guide for WGSN
Tuesday – Thursday: Free time to explore WGSN and choose trends to focus on in 2023
Friday: Tips for increasing productivity and time management


Course Reviews

  1. Very Helpful
    This was a great course to get focused and put the year into perspective. There’s always so much to do and this course was great giving you a system to keep motivated and on track.

  2. Annabel says:

    This was really motivating! Now when having my goals written down and splitted them into smaller steps everything feels way easier to achieve. Thanks so much Michelle!

  3. Planning goals
    I had never planned out yearly goals before. It was really helpful to review the wins from last year and to plot out the next year. I feel like I have a good foundation to build on and a clearer vision of what I want. Defining what I want will help me navigate the speed bumps and keep me on track, even if the path is different from what I imagined.
    Thank you so much!

  4. This is perfect . Concise and helpfull.
    I loved this course. The tips are amazing and I hope I can apply all of them.
    I find it especially difficult to focus on starting and finishing the tasks because once I started to research some topic I go deep and I realize that I need to learn something or find some other information.
    Still, so many things to master in this field.


  5. To Infinity and beyond...!
    A simple, step by step course with lots of support along the way.
    Anytime you follow these processes you will end up better off – AND be able to see that you have achieved.


  6. Amazing!
    I think this course will help me a lot with my goals for this year! Thank you Michelle!

  7. A great introduction to goal setting
    I really enjoyed this course and although short, it’s to the point and has provided focus for the next 12 months. I’m hoping the quarterly reviews will help me keep on track and that my goals are obtainable even though I’m starting in June 2019!
    Breaking down goals into tasks, and then setting dates for those tasks in my calendar seems like a great way to organise my time.
    Heading over to the forum now to seek out juicy tips and info!

  8. AndreaL says:

    Helping Me Face The Future
    Very helpful course to get me on track to become a surface pattern designer. Setting goals has made me organise my time and stop procrastinating.
    As a result I am starting to work smarter in my chosen area.

  9. Alice io says:

    Super Helpful - Got me to focus!
    This course really challenged me to think about my long-term goals and what steps will be needed to get to the lifestyle I envision. Prior to this, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted that lifestyle to be, just a vague idea that I wanted to spend more time being creative.

    I’ve tried to focus on goals in the past, but never ended up with a finished plan. At the end of this course I actually have a plan for the year with quarterly and quantifiable tasks. I look forward to meeting my goals now, instead of dreading not making any progress.

  10. Leigh says:

    Great way to keep focused
    This is a great way to give yourself some direction and focus – not just for creating patterns, but for really looking at those tasks that are necessary for your business. Laying those steps out on a quarterly basis makes it seem so manageable! Great course!

  11. Susan Brand says:

    Great Class for Goal Setting
    Even though life has consistently interfered with my goal setting attempts, this course has been incredibly valuable for realistically re-setting my path. Love to start the year with a solid plan! I have done it every year for the last three and it’s a life-saver!

  12. Claudia N says:

    Great Course!
    It feels so good to write down my goals for 2019 and organize them in manageable quarterly blocks. I can’t wait to start!

  13. annalee says:

    Perfect Pacing
    Loved the bite-sized courses- so manageable, yet helped me to this big. I feel focused and energized for the upcoming year.

  14. Susan Brand says:

    I've done this for three years now, and I love it!
    Even though life has consistently interfered with my goal setting attempts, this course has been incredibly valuable for realistically re-setting my path. Love to start the year with a solid plan!

  15. Good way to focus
    This course was helpful in breaking down how to create goals starting with overall objectives and then focusing down to the steps to get there.

  16. Kelly Lahl says:

    This is a great way to focus your work and set achievable smart goals for the year to come.

  17. Goals for the New Year
    This was a great course. It came at just the right time. I now have a concrete plan with tasks to start the new year.

  18. Wonderful course, wealth of practical information on business planning and development. Very clear, structured, and user-friendly. The course analyzes crucial points of business planning and goal setting in a way that is easy to follow and understand. Thank you very much! It did help me a lot.

  19. This course was incredibly in-depth and insightful! I loved how each unit was broken down, step-by-step, which allowed me the opportunity to pause the audio, take notes, and really absorb the content. After completing this course, I feel more confident in how to visualize and achieve my goals for the upcoming year. I know more clearly what steps I need to take and when to complete them. I especially loved Michelle’s tips on Productivity & Time- this was excellent and so helpful, since I struggle with carving out time while working a full-time job; however, I’m excited to apply Michelle’s tips and advice, and work them into my daily practice.

  20. SusanM says:

    Never too late!
    At first, I had a good laugh as I launched “Goal Setting for 2016” in July! But while I had many to-do lists and plans already in progress, this course really helped me define exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, and how to get there. In particular, the advice about organizing the day was excellent, as was the worksheet exercise. It’s easy to lose a little focus and momentum at this time of year, as the challenges eat up the time for inspiration.

    I’m especially glad you decided to keep the forum posted for this course. As a person new to the group, reading some of the plans and dreams for the year, and your more detailed advice, was a great introduction – and I’m hoping things have gone well for all.

  21. zoew says:

    So helpful! I’m listening to this halfway through the year to help me map out what I want to achieve in the next 6 months. As always Michelle advice is golden, it’s really helped me pinpoint what the logical next steps are. Without listening to this I would have deviated a little and spent more time than i needed on the technical aspects of repeats. Yet as i’m considering working with a print studio this isn’t the best use of my time. I now have detailed steps marked out for the next month.

  22. Regina S. says:

    This course is tremendously helpful in defining which path you want to take within the pattern-making industry and what you need to get there.

  23. Nadia says:

    The course really helped me sit down and write down my goals for the year and made me think of my long term planning. It gives me a clearer outlook and steps for me to work on stress free to achieve the goals.

  24. Heather Ota says:

    Pattern Planning and Goal setting
    This course is a fabulous way to help you focus on what you really want to accomplish in the coming year and help you create a quarterly plan for yourself. The course is excellent for anyone at any level.

  25. Very Helpful
    Have just completed this so obviously wasn’t part of group but recommend to anyone as a fantastic aid in clarifying where they want their career to head. I am just starting out so all is daunting but have found this a great way of guiding myself and clearing my mind of where I want to focus my time this year. Can’t wait to use this tool next year when I will be further on my journey.

  26. Fabulous - practical advice
    This course was so wonderful as way to get my head around what I need to do to further my textile career. In the past I have put off furthering my career in textile design because I felt overwhelmed, about how to go about it, and unsure as to what path was right for me. I am feeling more motivated, and have a whole lot more clarity about how to acheive my goals. Breaking the goals down into quarterly chunks was especially helpful for me to get over my feeling of being overwhelmed.

  27. Timely and perfect!
    As I approached leaving my full-time job and moving into self-employment, this course was the perfect way to jump start my new adventure and plan out the next 12 months. It was practical and eye-opening. I was inspired by the forum and am starting my first 3 collections this week! Thank you Textile Design Lab!

  28. jere says:

    Great Video & Resources for Clarity
    This course was the first one I took after joining the TDL and I would recommend it to anyone as a great place to start, any time of the year. It helped me manage the overwhelm I often feel when deciding on action to take. The printable resources compliment the videos and helped me articulate what I need to do, step by step. I am already referring back to these regularly to keep me on track. Thank you @michelle!

    A Very thoughtful, concise, inspired way to plan the year ahead from a goal driven perspective. Like all the courses at the Lab, the content is really well structured, professional, and to the point. It is a pleasure and a relief to know where I will be putting my conscious efforts in the next months. I think the timing of the course is also very convenient.

    Thank you so much!!

  30. ainhoa says:

    Still working in the quarterly goals!
    This has been an amazing and very helpful course. Although Im still working on the Quaterly goals, it is hard for me to figure them out, I have a clear idea of the steps I should take, and also very important how to manage the time, and keep motivated.
    Thank you very much!

  31. Crissie says:

    Now ready to roll!
    This has been the prefect course to help prepare and focus me for the year ahead. I now know where I’m going and what steps I need to take to get there. I highly recommend it to ALL TDL members.

  32. Really Helpful
    A great short course. I’m feeling much more prepared and positive about the year ahead now.

  33. The course helped me find my way
    This is exactly what I needed! It’s the first course I take here at textiles design lab and I’m glad I did. Now I know where I’m heading and everything is clear to me.

  34. olu says:

    Great help!
    Thank you for this course, it was concise which is great cause I’m struggling to combine the various tasks that come with an independant business. It also helped me to focus, to narrow down my goals and made me feel reassured about the path I need to take this coming year. Thx!

  35. Refresher
    I found this course to be just what I needed as I was planning out my plans for next year. I feel better prepared then I think I would have otherwise.

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