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Illustrator: A Fresh Look with Laura Coyle

Welcome to Illustrator: A Fresh Look! We’re so glad you’ll be joining us for this 6 week journey through Adobe Illustrator! This course is for new or occasional Illustrator users, Photoshop users, and anyone who wants a refreshed perspective on how to better understand how Illustrator works from the ground up. This course is scheduled to remain posted until October 5, 2021.


Our Schedule

Every Monday the course materials for the week will be available on the Illustrator: A Fresh Look course page. Download the PDF guide for the week and watch several short video lessons to get a head start.

Every Wednesday, at 1pm EDT join us for a live 2-hour session where we’ll work together on the exercises for the week, covering the topics in the PDF guide in more detail. You’ll have the chance to work along with me on the exercises and ask questions. The session will be recorded and posted afterwards.

Zoom Links to our live sessions are here. (Passcode 2828)

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