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How To Sell Your Artwork

Are you passionate about earning a living doing what you love? You鈥檙e in the right place. We鈥檒l explore the three most popular ways of selling your work in the design marketplace, how to select a direction for your work and how to start building your own textile design business.


The updated version of this course will be released on Monday, June 14, 2021!

Welcome to the world of the textile design! I created this guide for artists and designers from all backgrounds and industries who are passionate about earning a living doing what they love. By the end of this course you will understand the three most popular ways of selling your work in the textile design marketplace, how to decide which direction to take your business and the first steps to take when building your textile design business.

Download the Worksheets here.

Course Reviews

  1. Lauren says:

    Incredibly Helpful
    As someone just getting started in surface design, this course has been extremely helpful in getting a clear understanding of the industry, where to begin looking for opportunities, and how to craft my vision for the future. Thank you!

  2. Mckenl says:

    How to Sell Your Artwork
    Thank you Michelle for your knowledge. This was helpful for me to know which direction to go into selling my artwork. I will definitely need some support and I will reach out.

  3. Kelly Fisher says:

    Great direction
    Thanks for being concise and to the point. The course gave me direction on finally knowing which avenue of business that I want to take moving forward. Thank you!

  4. Linda says:

    Loved the workbook
    Even as someone with a bit more experience in the industry the exercises in the workbook helped me define my goals and look into the things I want to achieve with more clarity.

  5. How to sell your artwork
    I found this course very helpful as a beginner to guide me in the direction that best suits my personality, skills, and goals. I now have a path that I can follow and that is very encouraging. thank you so much Michelle 馃檪

  6. Great compass
    It was so helpful to have the various ways you sell your work illustrated and mapped out. I was overwhelmed thinking about all the marketing that I thought was involved, but I found a route that will take the pressure off.
    Thank you!

  7. Valuable course
    Concise and informative. Great course to help anyone looking for business direction.

  8. EstherMiro says:

    I enjoyed evaluating my own vision and learning about each business option.

  9. Monica says:

    So helpful
    As someone new to the business this information is invaluable! Thanks for such a wealth of information which provides me with clear direction.

  10. Carol Layton says:

    How to Sell Your Artwork
    Very informative on the different options and most especially, how to evaluate the best direction. Great Overview.

  11. Jarmila says:

    How To Sell Your Artwork
    Thank you Michelle, great course, very informative and clear. It demystified for me this part of the textile industry.

  12. Marinastu says:

    Brief and to-the-point
    This course is great to get a very quick idea of the mindset that you need to take the next steps in your textile design career. It goes straight to the pros and cons of each options, and has very useful tips like the average hourly rate of each experience level. I took so many notes!

  13. How to Sell your Artwork
    Very well structured and gives a great overview, especially if you are new to the Surface Pattern Design Buisness.

  14. Mona says:

    Excellent overview of becoming a textile designer!
    Just starting out in the textile design business, I found this class very informative. It gave me a good perspective on the various ways to make a living as a textile designer.

  15. Michelle says:

    So helpful for me!
    I’m just hopping into the textile design industry, so this course was perfect for me! It was an excellent overview of the avenues a textile designer can choose to take. The course really helped me organize me goals and consider the pros and cons of different business paths. Thank you!

  16. AndreaL says:

    Finding my Place
    Excellent course. Helped me identify and find my place in the textile design world. I feel more confident in where I am going with this now.

  17. Very helpful
    I’ve owned my own business before and I found Michelle’s advice in this course very helpful. I really like how she has asked the important questions about one’s personality and motivation. The thought process is very organized and practical, which is often hard for me when I get excited about a business idea. I call it my “manic” phase. I have found out the hard way that you need to truly understand where your passion lies, not only before you begin, but also to help you get through it when things get tough…and they will get tough.

  18. A good start
    This helped me understand more about what I am looking for. It鈥檚 a great place to begin.

  19. Wonderful Guidance
    Love the guidance and I enjoyed the journey of the lesson. Thank you.

  20. Melindajk says:

    Excellent overview
    Thank you for breaking down the ways to get started as a textile designer! I had been feeling quite overwhelmed and unsure of what to do with my designs. After completing this course and it’s worksheet I’m feeling more excited than nervous to get started.

  21. Very good course
    I learned quite a bit but I would have liked more on the nuts and bolts and nitty gritty of each topic. Perhaps that is covered in other courses? I enjoyed the course. Thank you.

  22. Leigh says:

    Great place to start
    This was really basic information presented in a way that was thought provoking for those in the beginning stages of textile design. Well worth the time because it does help focus in on your goals and strength identification.

  23. abmcg says:

    Thanks for helping me figure out what will work best for me in the beginning of my SPD journey! I now feel like I know more about the direction I want to take.

  24. Nidam says:

    A huge clear direction
    Thank you so much for this detailed course. Now I have a clear vision where to start and which direction I have to focus first.

  25. YellowFinche says:

    This is a blessing
    This course helped me identify where I should start my journey. I have had this dream for 10 years and felt so overwhelmed everytime I tried to get my feet wet in the industry. This course helped to work through my thoughts, feelings, wants and needs. I am very inspired and I will come back to this course again should I need a refresher on the detailed information, as it is a lot to take in.

  26. Thank you!
    Thanks so much for the information contained within this course. It has really helped me work out what I want to achieve and how to go about making the first steps!

  27. DKRyland says:

    Great Overview
    Lots to think about after taking this course. Excited to take more..

  28. Thank you, Michelle, for this course, for so clearly explained options for a textile designer.

  29. ClaireH says:

    Good advice
    Lots of information which helped me to understand my options.
    Clearly written format and wonderful to be able to listen to each lesson whilst traveling to work
    Thank you

  30. DillyDesigns says:

    Very useful information about the options available. It helped me, a newbie, decide my route to becoming a professional, to consider using an agent or print studio, and offering my skills as a freelancer. Thank you

  31. Very Useful
    As a newbie in creative world, I can get very overwhelm and this course help me clear my understanding about how to sell my artwork in the future. Oftentimes, we have the tendency to jump quickly to other field without knowing the possibilities or disadvantage in that area. Thanks for answering many questions in my head with this course.

  32. Adriana says:

    Great Advice
    Allows you to know yourself to decide which way is better for you at the moment. Precise, quick, and very helpful.

  33. Very Helpful!
    Before this class, I wasn’t sure which direction to go in my desire to become a textile designer. How do I sell my designs? Which way is better or not better? It’s nice to have these questions answered in a way that is best for me as a person and designer. Just starting off in something new can be overwhelming, but having someone like Michelle brake it down, step by step, helps to calm my uncertainties. More importantly! this course educated me on the realities of what I need to know , and do, to reach my goal of becoming a textile designer. Thank you Michelle!

  34. Great Overview!
    A great overview for working in the textile design industry, with this short course Michelle helps you to clarify and answer honestly where your skills and passions lie…helping you to think about which path might be the best starting point for you as an individual.

  35. Darcha says:

    Very comprehensive!
    A very comprehensive and “big picture” approach to working in the industry. A well-rounded presentation of the basics to supporting the more advanced creative without getting lost in details. This has been an informative and supportive lesson to help me look at all my options before deciding which direction to go in or at least be able to be flexible as my art style emerges. Thank you!

  36. Erin Dollar says:

    Short and sweet - a great place to start
    This is the course I would recommend first, as a way to gauge your interest in a career in textile design. A great prerequisite to the other more in-depth courses in TDL.

  37. Thank you!
    What I loved about this course is that it was short, sweet, and packed with information. This course gave me a ton to consider about my future.

  38. Helpful and clear
    Clear and concise overview of ways to work in the business. Very helpful in trying to decide what personality types and skill levels fit into the three main professional career paths. This is exactly the content I was looking for to help me make some decisions.

  39. Hi Michelle,
    thank you for this great overview: I think this course really helps you to choose a clear direction before starting to sell your work professionally as a freelancer.

  40. Eye opening
    This was a great course for me to make me think about the direction I want to go in and what preparation is required to get me heading in the right direction. Great content and very helpful for me just starting out on this journey.

  41. gentilepau says:

    Es tiempo de Tomar una decisi贸n
    Es tiempo de tomar una decisi贸n, este curso me ha ayudado a comenzar a pensar mi sue帽o, a re-pensar que direcci贸n tomar, me he dado cuenta que no se pueden saltar pasos, que hace falta pasi贸n, confianza, una direcci贸n clara y luego ir paso por paso. En mi caso particular me quiero enfocar primero a desarrollar un estilo personal, generar algunos patrones para practicar los cursos que he ido haciendo y las habilidades que he desarrollado, luego creo que me conviene ir por la primera opci贸n a traves de un agente, ya que vivo en Argentina y me gusta trabajar online. Luego veremos que pasa. Gracias!!!

  42. manmeetkk says:

    You got me thinking in the right directions!
    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you so much for designing this course, it really made me pull up my socks, to get to where I really should be going. Thanks for helping in realizing many things professional, that one does not know unless deep in the field already. Your course is perfect starter-material and I am so glad I found your smart and clear guidance! Thanks again and looking for more after this!!

  43. Rashmeet says:

    Blown away!
    Hi Michelle, I am so thankful to you for creating this course! And the entire Textile Design Lab community. I am just starting out on my journey to become a successful surface pattern designer and I cant wait to get more acquainted with this space! You have broken this course down in such a simple and straighforward manner that I had no trouble following your message and guidance! Again, thanks a ton and more power to your lovely initiative!

  44. Great overview of options for selling your work!
    As a new textile designer I’m trying to figure out how to get started selling my work. Michelle broke it down in a really helpful way here, going over the pros and cons of each method and reminding us to be true to our own personality and lifestyle when it comes to deciding how to build your textile design business. Thanks, Michelle!

  45. Heather Ota says:

    Take this class first!
    Michelle clarifies and organizes the information you need to focus and begin your journey as a textile designer. The class really makes you stop and take note of what you love and don’t enjoy doing in the art and business world so you don’t head down the wrong path. Simple, informative, and encouraging material is presented in an easily understandable way. This is really the perfect beginning guide! Thank you!

  46. Lana Koopman says:

    Concise Overview of How to Sell Work
    This course provided a very clear understanding of the different ways to sell work and set up a business-especially for someone just starting out. Thank you!

  47. Energizing
    Certainly a basic overview, but a great start for someone excited to dive in to this industry. Michelle did a nice job of getting me excited to continue with TDL.

  48. ladanamjad says:

    Great Overview for people just starting out.
    This was a great intro to the textile design industry. Now I have some direction. I recently graduated with a graphic design major, and realized that I want to get into the pattern design industry. This was a perfect beginning guide. Thank You.

  49. Great for begginers
    I am very new to textile design. This course helped me a lot and answered a lot of my questions. Now I know how things work and I know what style of work I like to do. Thanks Michelle Fifis for clearing things out.

  50. Mayacoa says:

    Clear and Helpful
    This course has been very informative and helpful.Now I know the working options in the industry so I can make a right decision base on my needs and skills.Thank you!

  51. Amanda Rouse says:

    Start here!
    Glad to have this basic overview of the industry. It is inspiring and very helpful, I would recommend starting here if you are new to the Textile Design Lab.

  52. Straight Forward Learning
    Clean and clear. A really great learning tool! Thank you!

  53. Clarity, Scope and Expertise
    What a great presentation of the many options for designers, and what great skill in making new designers welcome and unafraid to join the market while achieving their goals and realising their dreams. I will have to listen to it again, as the info feels invaluable at this stage and would love to be able to recall all the details.

  54. Crissie says:

    Super Informative
    This course was bursting with really helpful information and advice on where and how I can take my next steps towards making a living out of doing what I absolutely love. Thanks as always Michelle 馃榾

  55. So helpful!
    Very informative presentation. As somebody brand new to the industry, this answered a lot of questions and has pointed me in the direction of next steps. Thanks!

  56. Kate Cruise says:

    Very clear and helpful
    I found this course very clear about the different ways of selling your work within the textile design industry and an insight into which options suit different personality types. It has given me some very useful things to consider and clarified a few areas of confusion for me.

    Thank you Michelle!

  57. Maria F Leon says:

    Very Helpful!
    Thanks Michelle! This information helps me to stay focused and know which road is best to take!

  58. First course here, and already start to thinking what to do! very good! Thank you, Michelle! 馃檪

  59. anna says:

    Clear and concise
    That all makes sense and gives me a bit more direction. thanks!

  60. Having Vision
    Great course and reminders. Sometimes I lose my vision but, am reminded that it is a key component to my success.

  61. erikanorris says:

    Very useful
    So often I find that I want to do everything all at once, but after hearing the different options and how each one compliments different work styles it seems that an agent or print studio is more suited to me. Thanks for helping me see the bigger picture and to help focus me to a particular path.

  62. Giselle says:

    Thank you!!!!
    I’m a graphic designer working hard to get involved in the textile industry… Since about a year i fell in love with pattern designing!!!
    I’ve found your recommendations very useful.
    Now I see more clearly that my option to begin maybe is with an agent or print studio.
    I’d like to ask you if there is a “way” to find them…
    Thank you very much, Michelle!
    Giselle (from Argentina)

  63. nika says:

    Loved the info
    The perfect course to make you think. Provides a lot of useful information. Thanks !

  64. anna garriga says:

    Very useful!!
    I have just finished the course, thanks for all the useful information!I’ll think carefully about every option, lots of things to consider. Great course!!

  65. Excellent course I will definitely keep reviewing!

  66. gemmacate says:

    Perfect First Step
    Wish I had this guide when I first started, full of helpful information and time to reflect on your future career options!

  67. great course
    Really great course! Very informative and clear! Thanks Michelle!

  68. Crystal Clear!
    Thanks Michelle for outlining so clearly the options available to a designer considering leaving a full time job to pursue a textile design business!

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