Textile Design Lab

Goals Reset Workshop

In this one-week workshop, you’ll get clear on what you hope to accomplish in the next four months and create a plan for achieving this goal. You’ll be able to share your plan with our community of designers and industry experts and get feedback on improving and streamlining the process.


Course Reviews

  1. Alice io says:

    Always helpful
    Thank you for keeping us grounded, while still reaching and stretching for goals. It is so helpful to have a process to fall back on.

  2. Joana Velozo says:

    I loved it! Encouraging and realistic, made me feel more relaxed and willing to move forward.

  3. Housecoat says:

    Thank you!
    Very helpful and encouraging.

  4. Susan Tudor says:

    Goals reset
    Loved it! Filled with great things to consider in our decision making moving forward.

  5. MarissaHuber says:

    Tactical and Helpful
    Good tips and bite-sized information that was tactical, and strategic in thinking. I really got a lot out of the lessons from insight from the videos on how the current events will have lasting impacts on our industries and how we can do things that will align with it versus going against it.

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