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Blogging for The Pattern Industry

Interested in launching a blog or injecting excitement into an existing one? I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned over the last few years – both good and bad – and help you create a blog to begin marketing your work to the world!


In Blogging for The Pattern Industry, you’ll learn how to build a blog that helps you stand out in the marketplace and grow your business. With the right systems in place, blogging can be a painless, fun method to expanding your network and serving a community of readers.

In this nine part course we are going to touch on a number of big questions, such as:

“Why am I blogging?”
“Who is my customer?”

If you haven’t already started a blog, I recommend starting a WordPress blog through Bluehost. Please note that this is an affiliate link, meaning that if you use our link we receive a commission at no cost to you.

Course Reviews

  1. Great course for bloggers
    Very helpful and informative – many thanks!!!

  2. ClaireH says:

    This course was so informative and full of great hints and tips.
    I had no idea where to start, now I have tools to inspire content and create a blog I can be proud

    Michelle fantastic job!

  3. Maria Sauze says:

    Thank you for all the information, is so helpful in this era that we need all kinds of expertise, and we are all so busy with all this new tasks, for me was a must to do this class.

  4. Veronica says:

    Great tips!
    This is an amazing course to improve your knowledge in blogging and being active through the social media. Absolutely recommended!

  5. Crissie says:

    Bursting With Information
    I started my blog a few months ago, but this course has given me so many strategies about how I can plan and promote not only my blog, but my design business and public profile. I feel really empowered now, this is a must take course if your considering making a blog part of your business.

  6. Amazing Course
    Considering the importance of blogging, this course becomes that important too. It treats blogging as a business, I felt like making a tiny business plan for this part of our business. If you want to blog, take this course!!

  7. Vickie says:

    Great information and helpful resources. Thanks Michelle!

  8. Giselle says:

    Very useful information
    Thank you so much Michelle!
    I’ll do my best to start a “decent” blog 😉


  9. Neelam says:

    Must E-course
    An excellent e-course for artists who love to Blog, it gives direction as to where I need to start to reach that one goal.
    Must for all Bloggers…

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