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Art of Portfolio Curation

Is your portfolio a constant source of worry? Are you worried you are showing too much work? Not enough work? Or the wrong work all together? It doesn’t have to be this way.


In the Art of Portfolio Curation you’ll overcome the worry and overwhelm that develops when creating a portfolio. You’ll bring ease to the portfolio development process and learn a system that you can use to decide what to show, where to show it and how to best organize your work to make your portfolio more accessible to buyers.

The course includes seven lessons:

    • Lesson One: Your Creative Process
    • Lesson Two: Visual Identity
    • Lesson Three: Curating Your Portfolio
    • Lesson Four: Putting It All Together
    • Lesson Five: Deciding What to Share and Where to Share It
    • Lesson Six: Choosing a Theme
    • Lesson Seven: Searching for Gaps










Course Reviews

  1. chantelt says:

    Great course, boosted confidence
    I really enjoyed this course, I think the only thing that could make it better would be more examples of what instructors believe to be successful portfolio websites.

  2. So claryfying
    It was a great course that helped me to clarify what I need to do and what is important. With the guidance, the planning was a lot easier.

  3. Not just pretty pages
    This was great. Michelle gave us excellent tips on building a portfolio to sell our art work , not just how to make pretty pages. Useful information and concisely presented, thank you !

  4. Joana Velozo says:

    Loved it!
    This course is amazing and filled with very useful information.
    Loved the way it helps to develop more focus and an eye for the gaps. Thank you Michelle!

  5. Rjodi says:

    Nailed it!
    This course is short and sweet and packed with so much great information. Thank you Michelle for your calm clear way of teaching! This course is a MUST if you are serious about finalizing collection and getting website in order.

  6. Thank You
    This course has tons of information. As I build my collection of designs it will help me keep focused on my process, style and goals. Lots to do….

    thanks Michelle

  7. Housecoat says:

    Thank you!
    Helped me gain a fresh look at my website and lots of tools to work with for the portfolio

  8. Susan Tudor says:

    Art of Portfolio Creation
    Loved it! A lot to think about. So well organized and clarified. Thank you, Michelle!

  9. Jarmila says:

    Michelle’s great analytical and clear structure to the portfolio building process is definitely helping me with my organization.

  10. Tracey says:

    Building and Streamlining your Portfolio
    This course is a wealth of information to hand-hold you through the process of sorting through all of your work. Saving you hours and hours on the process; Michelle, guides you through clear and concise techniques to help you stay motivated and focused. Also, reminding you that your portfolio is an organic and ever changing representation of you and your work she encourages you to check in with it once a month. I highly recommend the Art of Portfolio Curation.

  11. Sam says:

    Highly recommend
    Excellent course which really helped me to tidy up my portfolio and to get busy with new ideas that have since sprung up.

  12. Vicki says:

    Really enjoyed this, thanks!

  13. Very useful!!
    This course is very useful for understanding how to organize your designs and how to set up a private client webpage. Never thought of making a webshop of my designs!!

  14. Tina says:

    Great information
    This course gave me a broader understanding on how to organize my portfolio. It really helped me see the big picture and understand what was missing. Great information. Thank you!

  15. Susan Brand says:

    Great approach!
    This course helped me create and finesse (and maintain) my portfolio. The portfolio template worked like magic. It gave me the objectivity I needed to cull and add designs. Thank you for a great course!

  16. Good guidance
    This course has helped me refocus on what’s pertinent. Thank you for all the great tips! I’m planning to put them to use this summer.

  17. Ana Alvarez says:

    A help to maintein the focus.
    This course helps to maintein the focus. Thank you for all the tips, Michelle.

  18. Great and inspiring Portfolio course
    Thank you for this course Michelle, it was a very helpful guidance to create my portfolio.

  19. Great portfolio guidance
    I like that this class gave me ways to think about both my web site portfolio and my work in an organized and logical way and the “guardrails” to keep referring back to make sure I stay on track. It’s just what I was looking for as far as information on starting a portfolio.

  20. Useful and practical information
    This course was sooooo helpful in getting me focused and on the road to curating my portfolio. One of the most useful parts for me was creating the pattern library in one document in order to get a clear overview of what I had and what I need. I will come back to this course often! Thanks Michelle!

  21. So helpful and inspiring!
    Great guidance to create my portfolio! And always helpful to review artwork and improve your website.

  22. Thorough, Helpful, & Inspiring
    This course offers precise and gentle guidance for portfolio curation. Excellent!

  23. Amanda Rouse says:

    You should definitely do this course...
    Even if you already have a website, a portfolio, anything really, you should still take this quick and informative course! Michelle gives clear advice and wonderful visual examples to help you organize your work and present the art professionally.

  24. Art of Portfolio Curation
    Wonderful, visual, logical/intuitive step-by-step process. It really clarified a lot for me and made the process of curating so much more manageable. Thank you very much, Michelle! I am sure I will be coming back to this material time and time again.

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