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Ready to make money as a textile designer? We’ll show you how.

It takes more than talent to make it in textile design. You need an insider’s perspective on marketing and selling your work, and the technical skill to work with today’s top companies. We’ve got everything you need - and more.

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What’s holding you back? The technical skills needed to transform your artwork into marketable  textile patterns? The business savvy to position and market your work? Or just the confidence to put yourself out there? We get it. We’ve been there.





Get the information, inspiration and support you need to succeed in textile design. As a TDL member, learning is never lonely. You’ll join like-minded artists and designers in courses on everything from technical skills like patterns and repeats to the business know-how you need to market and sell your work. Our guest experts will share insider tips and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. Best of all, you’ll be invited to our private forum where you can make lifelong friends and build industry connections you’ll use throughout your career.




As a member of Textile Design Lab you will...

Strut Your Stuff

Develop collections based on sketches and stay true to your own style while responding to the needs of the marketplace. Develop a portfolio designed to get you noticed - in a good way.

Improve Your Craft

Master professional techniques and set your work apart from the amateurs. From repeats to indexing, learn essential skills you need to deliver quality work from day one.



Sell Your Work

Get the marketing know-how you need to successfully sell your work to today’s top companies. Learn how to attract clients, build your reputation and make a living selling your designs.


Make Connections

Meet kindred spirits in our supportive design community. You’ll make new friends and valuable contacts as you exchange ideas with designers from all over the world.


Textile Design Lab members dramatically improve their craft, learn new techniques and stay informed on the latest industry trends for only $49 / month.


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Susan“Textile Design Lab is a rich learning environment...this wealth of knowledge and information from industry experts and [the] feedback on my work has been extremely helpful and inspiring. I'm going to be able to fast-forward with all the inside tips and technical skills I am gaining” - Susan Nicolai

 chris-olson“The courses [have] business-savy elements for designers...including an in-depth look at the pattern market, design trends and what the customer wants. Michelle is so thoughtful and supportive...her positive attitude ROCKS!” - Chris Olson


 PattiTobinDavis“I especially like the critiques and tips about how to improve the quality of [my] designs. The suggestions made [are] very good...I like the forum and I am always inspired by seeing other work, especially if it is different from my style.” - Patti Davis


Ruth2“I have learned so much in just a few short weeks! I love all the courses, tutorials, tips technical advice [and] forums in the Lab. [The] completely non-judgmental approach is so refreshing...I am hooked and am telling everyone I know!” - Ruth Lazerson



2011 08 29 160 sq “I have been a Textile Design Lab member for about 6 months. In that time I have gained the technical skills to transform my artwork into marketable collections...I put up a website with just 3 collections, a blog I post to regularly, and an artist statement. I've gotten two new freelance projects as a direct result. [The Lab] is a great community of artists and experts and the time and effort [I've] spent here has had very quick results.” - Carlyn Clark

ery quick results.”

- Carlyn Clark



As a Textile Design Lab Member, you’ll have multiple opportunities to be informed, inspired and supported as you build your career.


Learn at your own pace or join us for group studies as we explore challenging topics like collection development, marketing, and technical skills. Explore our courses to see all the courses that are FREE for Textile Design Lab members.

Tutorials & Challenges

Find inspiration and explore new techniques with our monthly design tutorials and group design challenges. You’ll experience the excitement and energy of art school as you connect with other lab members and review each other’s work. See what's happening in the Lab in our weekly News posts.

Guest Experts

Experienced designers and industry experts offer collection reviews, answer questions and train on a variety of industry topics. You’ll gain priceless feedback and industry insight while learning from the best!

Community Forum

Make friends, network with other designers, and get personalized artwork feedback and career guidance in our private forum. We host a weekly live artwork critique and the forum is always open for your individual conversations and questions.

Textile Design Lab Courses


Be inspired. Be supported.

Be challenged. Become a member!



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Meet Michelle



sheila_mraz-8135Hello there! I’m Michelle Fifis, founder and creator of Textile Design Lab. I’m a successful textile designer and entrepreneur who knows just how rewarding it is to build a business doing work I love. When I first started out, inspiring people came alongside me and shared their wisdom and experience. Their help made a huge difference in my life. I created Textile Design Lab to help you in the same way they helped me.


In 2010 I left my role as a textile designer for a large corporation to start my own freelance business. It was an exciting and challenging time for me, full of lots of hard work and trial-and-error. I learned to truly listen to my clients, improve my craft and level of service, and listen to my heart. Today my business is thriving, and I’m able to balance my work with a full life as a wife and mother. It’s amazing!


I’ve joined with an awesome team to give you the ideal environment for learning. We’ve created easy to absorb video tutorials, audio lessons and PDF guides to help you. This year we’ve improved our membership site to make your experience welcoming and easy to navigate. Most importantly, we know learning doesn’t have to be lonely. We’ve created a warm, friendly community where you can ask questions, get answers and build relationships. I’m proud of what we offer, and I’m excited to connect with you as you achieve your textile design dreams.


See you on the other side!





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